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[Double Strike]
[Dual Attack]
[Auto] When 1 of your green Battle Cards with an energy cost of 7 or more is removed from a Battle Area by a skill or KO’d, activate this skill. You may choose all cards other than this card from your hand and place them in your Drop Area, and if you do, play this card from your hand.
[Auto] When this card attacks, if your life is at 1, your opponent chooses all of the cards in their hand and places them in their Drop Area.
  • Rarity:Secret Rare
  • Number:BT6-125
  • Card Type:Battle
  • Color:Green
  • Energy(Color Cost):8(GGGG)
  • Special Trait:Saiyan Agent of Destruction
  • Power:40000
  • Combo Power:10000
  • Combo Energy:1
  • Era:Special
  • Character:Broly
  • Condition: Lightly Played


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