Hyper Evolution Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku


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[EX-Evolve] R, place 2 cards from your hand in the Drop Area: Red “Son Goku: GT” with an energy cost of 6 or more.
[Ultimate] (You can only include 1 copy of a card with [Ultimate] in your deck)
[Auto] When this card attacks, it gains +5000 power for the duration of the turn. Then, if this card’s power is 60000 or more, it deals 1 damage to your opponent’s life.
[Activate:Main] Place 2 red cards from your hand in the Drop Area: Switch this card to Active Mode.
  • Rarity:Secret Rare
  • Number:BT3-123
  • Card Type:Battle
  • Color:Red
  • Energy(Color Cost):8(RRRRR)
  • Special Trait:Saiyan
  • Power:40000
  • Combo Power:10000
  • Combo Energy:1
  • Era:Baby Saga
  • Character:Son Goku: GT
  • Condition: Lightly Played


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